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When You Arrive: Exhibitors

UEST Chicago Exhibitor - When you arrive!

Thank you for your participation in the QUEST Chicago EXPO on April 30 and May 1, 2008.  Following are important details about the EXPO that you and your staff need to know.


The EXPO is at:
The Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel
601 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Wheeling, Illinois 60090
Ravinia C Ballroom
Phone: 1-847-777-6500

Booth Move-In and Move-Out

The Exhibitors EXPO (Ravinia C Ballroom) is opened for set-up and tear-down of booths as follows:

Tuesday, April 29th Move-In
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm: MCS decorating contractor sets up the standard booths.
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm: Booths are available for Exhibitors to move-in.
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm: MCS staff available on-site to assist with customized booths set-up.

Wednesday, April 30th Move-In
6:00 am - 7:00 am: Booths are available for Exhibitors to move-in. Booth set-up should be complete and the area should be clean of boxes, crates, etc. prior to the opening of registration at 7:00 am.

Thursday, May 1st Move-Out
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm: Exhibitors tear-down booths after the Exhibitors Wine and Cheese Event.

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Booth Assignment

You will receive your assigned booth in the Exhibitors EXPO upon your arrival to Ravinia C Ballroom during the designated move-in times.

Exhibitor EXPO Hours

The Exhibitors EXPO is open to conference attendees as follows:

Wednesday, April 29th from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday, May 1st from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Thursday , May 1st from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm during the Exhibitors Wine and Cheese Event

Popular times for conference attendees to visit the Exhibitors EXPO are before the morning keynote presentations and during the morning refreshment break, lunch, and afternoon refreshment break.

Standard Booth Features

Booths are identified with a one-line Booth ID Sign 8" x 44" displaying your corporate name.  All booths have the following standard features:

  • Booth Size: 8' x 10'
  • Color: burgundy and cream
  • 8' pipe and drape back wall
  • 3" high side rails
  • 2' x 6' skirted table
  • 2 padded chairs
  • Waste basket
  • Booth ID sign
  • Carpet
  • 110/120 Volt Single PH 20 amp electrical supply
    (Indicate if you do not need electricity in your booth on the registration form; Additional electricity can be purchased from the hotel. See booth customization below.)

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Booth Customization (Optional)

MCS is the official service and decorating contractor for the QUEST conference. MCS services can be purchased separately. These services include:

  • inbound/outbound shipping
  • storage
  • labor
  • additional booth equipment and accessories

For detailed information regarding MCS services, refer to the MCS Exhibitor Kit. Additional information is available by visiting www.mcsexpo.com or calling 888-MCS-EXPO. Purchase of MCS services is at the discretion of the Exhibitor. Forms must be completed in the MCS Exhibitor Kit, only if you are making optional purchases.

Booth Electricity

The booth has a standard 110/120 volt single PH 20 amp electrical supply. If you need to purchase additional electricity for your booth, then complete the Westin Chicago North Shore Electric Service Order Form that is the last page of the MCS Exhibitor Kit or contact the Westin Chicago North Shore Convention & Exhibit Customer Service at 847-777-6500. An order for additional electric services must be receive by April 13, 2008.

Exhibitor Badges

All Exhibitor staff must obtain their exhibitor badges at the Exhibitors registration desk outside of the Ravinia C Ballroom on Wednesday morning. You are entitled to a maximum of two people daily on-site at any one time to manage your booth and attend evening events. You may have different personnel attend the Wednesday or Thursday evening events than the staff managing your booth during the daytime. Badges must be worn at all times.

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To receive an EXPO badge, all Exhibitor staff must be listed on the QUEST Exhibitor Registration form that is included at the end of this packet. Please complete and return this form by March 15, 2008.

Attendance of Conference Sessions

Exhibitors are registered for the EXPO only. However, exhibitors are welcomed to attend the morning keynote presentations in the general session (Ravinia D Ballroom) adjacent to the EXPO. Conference track
sessions are not open to exhibitor personnel.


Lunch is provided on Wednesday and Thursday to two exhibitor staff representatives. An early lunch seating from 11:45 am to 12:15 pm is available. Exhibitor staff are discouraged from eating their lunch in the general EXPO area.

Wednesday Evening Dinner Cruise Event

Two of your staff are welcomed to attend the Lake Michigan Dinner Cruise Appreciation Night on board the Mystic Blue at Navy Pier with the conference attendees and speakers. This event provides a networking opportunity in a relaxed environment. Bus transportation is provided from the Westin Hotel to Navy Pier at 4:30 pm for those needing transportation.  Exhibitor badges serve as admission tickets to the Mystic Blue. You can also purchase two additional tickets for this evening event at $125 each.

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Thursday Exhibitors Wine & Cheese Reception

Two of your staff are requested to attend the Thursday evening Exhibitors Wine & Cheese Reception in the  Ravinia C and D Ballrooms. This is the closing event of the Exhibitors EXPO and provides a final networking opportunity in a social setting.  A comedy skit that highlights the Exhibitors is part of the reception's entertainment. Exhibitors' prizes draws occur at the reception.


Each conference attendee receives a QUEST EXPO Passport that lists all Exhibitors. If attendees visits all EXPO booths and have their passports stamped by all the Exhibitors, they are eligible for the QAI Grand Prize Drawing on Friday during lunch. Exhibitors receive stickers to use to stamp the passports.

Exhibitors Prize Draws and Giveaways

Exhibitors may choose to have a prize drawing to collect business cards at their booths. All prizes must be specified at time of completing the QUEST Exhibitor Registration form. A list of all available prizes is included in the  QUEST EXPO Passport.  As a convenience, all attendees are given pre-printed cards with their name,
company, mailing address, and an optional space to add their email address and phone number. Attendees can use these pre-printed cards or business cards to enter into exhibitor prize drawings.

Exhibitors' prize draws occur at the Thursday Exhibitors Wine and Cheese Reception. Prizes must be on-site at the conference and be made immediately available to the winner. To encourage attendees to visit Exhibitors' booths and enter their name, winners do not have to present on Thursday evening to win. Winners can pick up their prizes on Friday morning at the QUEST registration desk. QAI is not responsible for shipping prizes to winners.

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Hotel Accommodations

We recommend your staff stay at the conference hotel, the Westin Chicago North Shore, for convenience.  A block of rooms at a corporate rate of $169 per night has been arranged for this event. This price expires April 7, 2008 and is based on room availability. Be sure to reserve your room early because there is a limited number of rooms. For more information, please go to http://www.qaiquest.org/chicago/hotel.html.

Damages and Liability

The Exhibitor assumes all liability for any damages to the hotel property and to any booth furnishing provided by MCS of Roselle, Illinois. The QAI does not accept any liability for damage caused by an exhibitor.

QUEST Conference Services
If you have questions, please contact:
Francine Chase
QUEST Conference Services
Phone: 866-724-6013 ext. 129
Email: fchase@qaiworldwide.org

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