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One-Stop-Shopping Book Store

As part of the QUEST total learning experience, you can browse the One-Stop-Shopping Book Store and purchase books authored by renowned leaders in the software engineering and testing industry.  The Book Store will be open Wednesday and Thursday during the conference for your shopping convenience.

Internet Cafe

If you need a place to connect back to your office, then the Internet Cafe is the place to check emails or make a cell phone call.  Wireless Internet access is available in a sit-down area for your convenience on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Author Book Signing Event

Several of the QUEST conference instructors and speakers have authored books within their areas of expertise.  Book signings by these authors will be held at the book store on Wednesday and Thursday of conference week.  All books will be available for purchase in the One-Stop-Shopping Book Store. 


Meet the Authors


Andrew Glover

Java Testing Patterns, Groovy in Action
Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk


Carol Dekkers*

Practical Software Measurement: Advice from the Expert
Practical Project Estimation, 2nd Edition
Fundamental Concepts for the Software Quality Engineer, Volume 2


Cem Kaner, JD, PhD*

Testing Computer Software
Lessons Learned in Software Testing
Bad Software: What to Do When Software Fails


Lois Zells

Managing Software Projects


Michael Sutton

Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery


Mukesh Jain

Delivering Successful Projects with TSP and Six Sigma: A Practical Guide to Implementing Team Software


Nathan Petschenik*

Systems Testing with an Attitude

Patrick Lightbody

WebWork in Action
Java Open Source Programming


Pekka Forselius*

Tivi-projektien Johtaminen (ICT Project Management, TTL)
Practical Project Estimation, 2nd Edition
Applied Statistics for Software Managers


Phillip Armour*

The Laws of Software Process


Robin F. Goldsmith, JD*

Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success


Sam Guckenheimer*

Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System


Steven Rakitin*

Software Verification and Validation for Practitioners and Managers


Timothy Korson, PhD Object Technology Centers of Excellence


* Indicates author is available for book signing. Specific times will be posted at the book store

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