During his twenty-four year career Will Hurley has ridden the crest of numerous software development waves. Will represented the U.S. Air Force in the DoD’s joint service architecture for Theater Battle Management, led CMM assessments, and supported the CMMi development, based on his CMM assessment experience. After leaving the Air Force, he led start-ups and helped industry-leading companies identify, apply, and adopt new application lifecycle models. As director and principal architect for Astadia, Will helps clients achieve desired system and product lifecycle characteristics. He is a Level III Certified Acquisition Professional in Systems Engineering, Program Management, a qualified Six Sigma practitioner, and holds a CISM from the ISACA.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

General Session: Modeling System Performance with Production Data

Wednesday, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

When creating system performance models, the primary challenges are where and how to start. Whatever the performance characteristics being estimated or modeled, we need a solid approach that addresses both business and system needs. All too often performance tests inadvertently mix load and stress scenarios with little regard for how this will confound recommendations and business decisions. If you are a test manager, a business process owner, or you simply want to better understand performance testing, you will be interested in Will’s case study. Will presents a real-world example that demonstrates the impact on business decisions and shows how to use production data and statistical modeling to improve both the analysis and business decisions. The study is based on a back-end re-hosting project where acceptance criteria were based on an achieving “equal or faster” performance. Take away new insights and approaches to improve performance-based decisions for your organization.