Vikas encourages the adoption of new processes and tools in test automation. Vikas’ innovative approach to solving complex problems across various business units has helped products scale to optimal levels of quality, performance, and security. His expertise across both functional and performance test automation, including a development background, has helped him build various frameworks using a variety of tools and technologies. Vikas attends to details that help test SaaS-based applications and advocates a process-driven mindset bridging communication gaps between all stakeholders. Vikas has more than eleven years of experience in the software Industry and mentors engineers in automation/performance.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

General Session: Continuous Performance Testing

Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

In an agile environment that has quality built in right from the beginning, it is imperative tat all aspects of performance including testing, analysis, and scalability be assembled into an automation framework.  By leveraging various components like JMeter/Jenkins/Dynatrace/Blazemeter/Splunk and writing scripts in developer friendly languages like Java & Javascript, Vikas has assembled a CI Infrastructure that facilitates testing and reporting.

Join Vikas and learn how to swiftly write test scripts using JMeter and integrate these into Jenkins.  Automatically gather performance data that includes key metrics like throughput/response-time/errors and identify key outliers in logs(Splunk) and use a byte code instrumentation tool (Dynatrace) to facilitate analysis.  Address the problem of running tests across different environments, release versions with a simple user interface, and integrate with a cloud-framework such as Blazemeter to perform high concurrency tests to promote Scalability.