Tatyana Kravtsov is a Head of Automation and Continuous Delivery at RokiTT, which provides technology transformation services and solutions to clients. Tatyana established the Quality Management group at Syncsort and was driving the Continuous Integration and Delivery effort, working with DevOps team to adapt tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Selenium, etc. Previously, she worked as VP at Morgan Stanley leading a Test Automation group of 50+ engineers. She is very passionate about Process Automation which encompasses Test Automation, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Automated Environment Provisioning, etc. Tatyana is a founder of DevOps & Automation NJ Meetup group.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

General Session: Is there a place for QA in DevOps?

Friday, April 24: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

In the extremely fast paced world that today’s IT organizations perform in, it is not unusual for new builds to be measured in hundreds per day rather than several per week. Traditional development methodologies just can’t deliver at this pace. Enter DevOps. While DevOps provides a continuous integration strategy, all too often we only hear “development”, “operations”, and “business”. But what about “QA”? Whether DevOps is a fad or the next Agile, more and more companies are talking about it and trying to adapt it. It is the responsibility of the QA practitioners to make sure that as delivery cycles move from days to minutes we must automate the build, test and deliver processes without losing sight of Quality.
Join Tatyana Kravtsov as she describes DevOps, how DevOps is changing the product development cycle, and how QA must be an enabler not a bottleneck between development and operations.