There’s only one explanation as to how this historically poor math student enjoyed a thriving career at two global accounting firms over the span of nearly two decades. Susan Conley knows how to cultivate relationships that ROCK. At Arthur Andersen Susan was the Southeast Area Marketing Director managing a team of 22 marketing and sales professionals. While at Andersen, Susan pioneered a client relations strategy that improved engagement economics, profitability and client loyalty. Competing firm Ernst & Young recruited Susan to invigorate their client satisfaction rankings and client development efforts. Susan went on to pioneer an Assessment of Service Quality (“ASQ”) methodology that is now integral to Ernst & Young’s global service delivery and overall client experience. In 2010, Susan launched ROCKbiz and perfected a Relationship Development Framework that produces results. Susan’s passion is to help professional service providers expand their relationships and their results. ROCKsolid relationships form the foundation of success in business… and in life.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Keynote Presentation: Cultivating ROCKsolid Relationships: A Field-Tested Approach for Success

Friday, April 24: 8:30 AM - 9:25 AM

Relationships form the foundation of success in business and in life. So how can you cultivate relationships that stand the test of time…and the test of communicating software problems? What is the best way to authentically expand the possibilities in all of your important relationships? Attend this keynote to learn a systematic, repeatable approach to cultivating trusted relationships at work and at home. You will learn an effective Relationship Development Framework that will equip you to:

  • Authentically connect with people to set your priority relationships up for success.
  • Conduct conversations that will expand heartshare and advance results.
  • Effectively resolve issues and restore trust and forward momentum when needed.
  • Gain fresh ideas, innovative strategies and proven approaches to attract and strengthen ROCKsolid Relationships.

Connect with our keynote speaker, Susan Conley, via LinkedIn prior to the event and you’ll be entered to win a prize drawing.