Mais Tawfik Ashkar is a Performance Engineering Consultant guiding clients to delivering faster, more scalable and reliable applications. Prior to consulting, Mais was a Performance Engineering Manager and lead with Pearson Learning Technologies representing their Denver and offshore teams and overseeing performance and scale solutions. SQUAD board member and an organizer of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability [WOPR], Mais has 10 years of experience in the software engineering industry working as a software performance engineer, automation engineer, and consultant. An accomplished speaker, she is passionate about the multi-faceted discipline of software quality engineering and data analytics. She is experienced with leading and implementing performance engineering and data analytics solutions at the enterprise level for highly complex, integrated, and distributed systems. As an Independent consultant, she is focused on implementing innovative solutions around the performance engineering discipline. Mais also offers coaching, training, and consulting services helping clients evolve their performance testing practices and deliver faster and more scalable applications.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Half-Day Tutorial: Client Side Web Performance Optimization & Measurement

Tuesday, April 21: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Web performance optimization (WPO) is an emerging movement that focuses on trimming down the layers and speeding up the page download and display of web applications in the browser. In recent years, there has been a change in web application architecture where the bulk of the page load time and processing has shifted to the front-end (browser) due to emerging technologies and practices such as client-side scripting, Ajax, Web 2.0, etc. If mismanaged, this can lead to a bloated front end and sluggish performance. As more functionality moves to the browser and applications become more asynchronous, measuring client-side performance becomes an invaluable practice and a necessary precursor or parallel step to augment other performance testing alternatives offering a relatively faster feedback loop and faster ROI. Join Mais to:

  • Discover web performance recommended practices, WPO patterns and anti-patterns
  • Explore a set of front-end profiling tools & techniques
  • Explore examples of front-end waterfalls and how to interpret, analyze, and identify performance offenders

Workshop: Different Shades of Performance Testing

Wednesday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Performance engineering has become increasingly critical to the success and user adoption of web applications, especially with increasing market competition and the demand to be at internet scale. It is well known that site performance directly impacts the bottom line of online businesses. But, not every performance testing effort is implemented in a valuable fashion, nor does it fulfill the needs of the business. Its failure and successes are dependent on its foundational blocks. Performance engineers can no longer linger in the comfort zone and the techniques of the past. Not every performance testing strategy needs to be equally elaborate, nor does it need to leverage similar tools and techniques.   To effectively deliver on performance testing, we need to be adaptive and flexible riding the wave of change and pressures for faster delivery. We need to better understand the technologies, project drivers, and constraints to better assess and design our testing approach and implement the appropriate flavor of performance testing.

  • Learn about technology trends and their implications on performance testing
  • Explore the different shades of performance testing and explore applicable scenarios
  • Understand the critical steps to delivering an actionable performance testing solution to drive faster and more scalable applications