Kevin Dunne is currently a Product Manager at QASymphony, supporting the direction of their eXploratory testing tool, qTest eXplorer. In his day to day role, he works directly with hundreds of customers who are in various staging of implementing and perfecting exploratory testing. Previous to joining QASymphony, Kevin was a tester with Deloitte Consulting, driving testing activities for custom development and ERP projects at Fortune 500 and large Government clients.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Exploratory: Start, Grow, and Perfect Exploratory Testing on Your Team

Friday, April 24: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Exploratory testing is one of the most efficient ways of finding critical and value added defects before they reach production. However, testing professionals struggle with implementing, scaling, and optimize exploratory testing in their organization. This session defines a clear path moving forward to gain success with exploratory testing, no matter what stage of the testing process you are currently in. Learn how to make the internal “sell” to get exploratory testing off the ground and then how to standardize and scale exploratory testing for the enterprise. Gain critical insight about capturing and communicating the value of exploratory testing. Whether your organization is waterfall, agile, or somewhere in between, a properly implemented exploratory testing process is sure to increase the value of your testing team. Come with your questions, concerns, experiences, and feedback to help support the discussion!