Joseph Ours draws on 15 years of experience providing executive-level leadership while managing high profile initiatives with a demonstrated ability to lead people toward successful delivery. Throughout his diverse career, he has built a solid reputation as a thought leader who exhibits a results-driven business approach and exceptional ability to achieve success. He is a strong leader in business processes with a proven history of providing project and portfolio management of large technology initiatives. Joseph brings both a strategic and tactical thought process to solving IT related issues. He holds bachelor’s degrees in electronic engineering technology and technical management in addition to a Master’s of Business Administration.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

General Session: Bad Metric – Bad!

Thursday, April 23: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Metrics have always been used in corporate sectors, primarily as a way to gain insight into what is an otherwise invisible world.  Organizations blindly adopt a set of metrics as a way of satisfying some process transparency requirement, rarely applying any statistical or scientific thought behind the measures and metrics they establish and interpret.  Many metrics do not represent what people believe they do and as a result can lead to erroneous decisions.  Joseph looks at some of the common and some of the humorous testing metrics and determines why they are failures. He further discusses the real purpose of metrics, metrics programs and finishes with pitfalls into which you fall.  Attend this session and learn how to stay out the metric hole.