Jeff Wilkinson is co-founder and leads Accenture’s Global Testing & Quality Assurance Practice in North America and EALA with more than 22,000 members worldwide. Jeff has more than 22 years of quality management, application testing, and test assessment experience at several companies across multiple industries. He is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Technology Growth Platform based in Indianapolis.
Jeff recently rolled off the Vanderbilt University Business School Board of Directors where he served a three year term alongside his wife, Donna. He is currently a member of the Indiana chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Board of Directors.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Workshop: Assessing Quality: How Quality Maturity Drives Cost Reduction

Thursday, April 23: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Most companies do not measure Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ), but if they did, they would typically find that they are spending 10-20% of their IT budget fixing problems that shouldn’t exist in the first place. CoPQ improves as quality maturity improves. Maturing quality requires a holistic view of quality beyond a successful testing function. This workshop will focus on Accenture’s Quality Maturity Framework and provide experience in how to measure quality maturity using the Test Assessment Framework. The framework is built around the Testing Maturity Model (TMMi) concepts and Accenture’s contributions to the TMMi Process Reference and Assessment Model.

  • Understand how quality maturity contributes to reducing the Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)
  • Think holistically about quality and that quality is more than the testing function
  • Learn how to assess quality using an assessment based on the Testing Maturity Model Integration (TMMi)