Jason Vanecko is an innovative results driven leader with over eleven years in the industry. He has worked in both Financial and Higher Education sectors across a spectrum of roles and accountabilities including development, enterprise architecture, and quality engineering. Throughout his career he has focused on innovative ways to increase value and quality during the development lifecycle. Jason currently leads the Quality Engineering (QE) group at TransUnion, which is responsible for building and delivering quality and productivity capabilities to development and test organizations. These process capabilities include Scrum and Kanban.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

General Session: Delivering More through Quality Engineering

Wednesday, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Bringing new software product features to market faster is becoming the top priority for many businesses. Testing organizations are under pressure to keep quality high while not becoming a bottleneck for application development.  Applications are increasing in complexity, and cycle times are getting shorter with expanded use of Agile practices.  While traditional testing methods are effective, spending weeks, months or years on project testing is not practical to meet the demands of the business.  To “keep up,” testing teams must pivot to become more than a gate in the process, but be a quality enabler throughout the project lifecycle.  Shifting quality left is a common phrase and testing teams will do this effectively by enabling and promoting testing practices that mimic advantageous application development engineering practices.  This session will review the above challenges from the view point of a Quality Engineering (QE) team that is currently transforming its own practices to shift quality left by leveraging continuous integration, automated regression testing, “in-cycle” test automation, and developer tools enablement. With Quality Engineering, testing can keep up with the speed of application development without sacrificing quality.