With an almost 30 year career as an innovator and Lead Technical Architect for several United States and European companies, Huw Price has considerable experience in bringing leading products to market, including Grid-Tools’ Datamaker™, Agile Designer™ and Fast Data Masker™. He has become an industry thought leader, speaking at conferences around the world with publications in a variety of periodicals. Huw is also an advisor to King’s College in London and Swansea University in the United Kingdom. Voted IT Director of the Year 2010 by the QA Guild, Huw has balanced pragmatism with innovation to re-cast the way organizations think about test data management.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Workshop: Achieving Maximum Coverage in the Minimum Number of Tests

Wednesday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

A major challenge facing the test team is how to achieve maximum test coverage without creating massive numbers of test cases. During this tutorial Huw Price will demonstrate how to slash test case creation time while radically improving functional coverage. During the tutorial Huw will reflect on the all too common practice of linking software testing only to requirements which often relies too heavily on the “gut feel” of the tester. Huw describes how software testing must become more like electronics testing by applying mathematical models to the creation of test cases. Huw will demonstrate how a more rigorous approach provides big benefits. The tutorial includes a review of current coverage techniques and a detailed explanation of path modelling and how it can be applied to the software industry. Join Huw to get maximum coverage in minimum time for your testing.