Clyneice Chaney brings over 20 years of testing, quality assurance and process improvement experience. Clyneice holds certifications from American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Manager, Quality Assurance Institute’s Certified Quality Analyst, and Project Management Institute’s Professional Project Manager. She has participated as an examiner for state quality awards for Georgia and Virginia. Focusing on process improvement and procedure development in the software testing and quality assurance areas, Clyneice has successfully lead process improvement, methodology development, and reengineering projects for organizations wishing to improve their software development, testing processes, and tool implementation. Clyneice has presented technical papers at the Software Engineering Institute: SEPG Conference, American Society for Quality: Quality Manager’s conference, Quality Assurance Institute International Testing Conference, International Conference on Software Process Improvement and Software Test and Performance Testing Conferences.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Half-Day Tutorial: Pursuing World Class Quality: Transforming Your Organization

Tuesday, April 21: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

The rapid pace of market driven changes today forces organizations to confront the traditional time versus cost versus quality conflict constantly.  The Quality Management/Assurance/ Testing organization is under pressure to deliver low incident products in continuously shrinking development timelines. To succeed in the new marketplace, some enterprises need to establish world-leading quality assurance (QA) functions while others may need to implement small-scale change.   Are you frustrated with how testing and quality is viewed within your organization?  Do you feel that the expectations for performance from the testing organization are not aligned with reality?  Do you wish you had the mechanism to affect change or maybe even transform your organization? Whether you desire small changes or a truly transformative organization, effecting change utilizes principles and methodologies that can be applied.  Join Clyneice to get practical hands-on techniques for changing organizations.

  • Prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Identify cultural barriers to change
  • Map out a strategy for transformation

Half-Day Tutorial: Performance-Based Outcomes for Outsourced Agile Testing

Tuesday, April 21: 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

As companies embrace more agile development and continue the trend to outsource software development projects, the impact on effective use of testers is significant. Impacts can be traced to testing methodology, practices, reporting, and last but not least the actual contract around which the services are obtained.  Measurable outcomes and assessments are essential, and the development of appropriate testing outcomes requires forethought and planning.  Clareice and Clyneice provide an overview of agile and outsourced testing today, basic contracting concepts, and tips on how to structure a performance-based agile test contract and for successful monitoring once the project is initiated.

  • Explore basic contract concepts and what they mean for agile issues in an agile environment
  • Learn how to develop outcomes that will lead to a better agile test contract
  • Learn how to structure a performance/outcomes -based agile test contract that will improve monitoring efforts

General Session: Marketing Techniques Can Help You Sell Quality

Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Quality plays a significant role in business success, but is often an area that is difficult to sell.  Many business leaders have interesting, false, or incomplete perceptions and knowledge regarding quality and the costs associated with it.  Quality managers have been told that to get the “ear” of senior management they need to present information using terminology that senior management relates to such as “bottom line”  “strategic impact” etc. Since marketing has a significant presence in business today, a question can be posed, “Are there marketing models and approaches that could help quality managers sell quality more effectively?”

Using the marketing techniques of Strategic Alignment, Identifying Influence, Pain Sheet, and Value Proposition, Clyneice provides approaches and examples that will sell quality to senior management.

Join this session to get Quality Sold.