Chockalingam Gomathisankar is a QA Engineer at VISA INC. He is an international SOA QA speaker and author with experience working in various roles including software engineer, test engineer, test analyst, and test lead. In his current role, Chockalingam is responsible for implementing the SOA Test Automation framework using industry leading SOA toolsets such as CA Lisa, SOAPUIPRO, HP Service Test and IBM Rational Tester. He has extensive experience in Service Virtualization leveraging the CA Lisa-Virtualize and related toolsets in the QA industry.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

General Session: Service Virtualization in the Testing World

Friday, April 24: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

How many times have you had to delay your testing start date because the test environment was not ready, or been unable to complete your testing because you had a dependency on an external system, process, or vendor/product?  How many times has it just taken too long to build the data sets?

During this session, Chockalingam Gomathisankar describes the growing trend of Service Virtualization. Chockalingam will discuss how Service Virtualization can solve many process issues including virtualizing systems that are not ready to be used, filling the gaps for processes, hardware, software, or support that may never be integrated. In this session, Chockalingam explains the benefits of Service Virtualization and will share some examples of how other companies have been successful using this process. Finally, Chockalingam will challenge you to think of how you can take this back to your own organization for immediate use.