Bruce Benton has 27 years of experience across software industries, including: aerospace, industrial automation, operating systems, development tools and line of business applications, He has worked as a developer, systems engineer, program manager, development manager, software QA/Test manager and software architect in companies ranging in size from 500 up to 90,000 people. Bruce strongly believes that any process or deliverable that does not exist in direct response to a well understood organizational need is a waste of time and money. His significant experience in agile and predictive development practices, scope estimation, capacity planning, domain modeling, software validation, and organization management helps teams achieve their objectives with maximum reliability and minimum cost.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

General Session: Test Planning in a Mixed Source World

Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Open source components are being used in internal IT and commercial projects.  The general acceptance of the quality of many open source solutions as well as developing trends in open source licensing have made it a reasonable risk for organizations to rely on these components for at least part of their critical deliverables. This changing landscape has significant implications on test organizations and what it means to “test” the product of a modern development project.

Bruce discusses the organizational changes that are necessary to address these mixed source applications, as well as how to perform integration testing in this environment. QA needs to be involved in the architectural decisions and ensure that any vulnerabilities are included in the system threat model.  Demonstration testing will not be enough to ensure the safety of these applications.

Join Bruce and deal with the reality of a Mixed Source world!