Baboo Kureemun is a seasoned agile project manager who has successfully led complex large-scale transformation programs and projects in both the private and the public sector. As a business innovation expert, Baboo collaboratively engages with very diverse process stakeholders to articulate current processes and desired innovations. Baboo is a published author, a coach on lean business principles, and is credited with a TED talk on “Taming Your Dragon of Perception”.

QUEST 2015 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Workshop: Managing Your Customers’ Perception of Quality

Thursday, April 23: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Many companies do all the right things in terms of quality, including reducing their defects to near zero, eliminating call waiting times, etc., and still struggle to hold onto their customers.  Repeatedly, it appears that their customers do not perceive them as delivering quality.

How can a company determine if customers are not perceiving the true quality of its products and services? How much is that perception negatively impacting the current and future bottom line? And what can be done to address the problem?

This fast paced, highly participative workshop will answer these questions from the perspective of a software tester through an engaging presentation, a break-out exercise, and an open discussion.

Conference participants will be divided into smaller groups (requirements traceability, test design, test script execution, etc.) for a break-out session during which each group will be guided through an innovative model to work out some actionable steps to incorporate the fundamentals of customer perception of quality in their line of work that fosters customer loyalty and drives increased revenue.

Learning objectives:

  • Grasp the fundamentals of customer perception of quality
  • Understand the methods and techniques that are relevant to software testing in measurably improving the customer perception of quality
  • Take away some actionable steps for innovations to the software testing practice that enhances customer perception of quality and drives increased revenue