With more than 100 learning opportunities, QUEST is a conference and EXPO that offers a unique experience for each individual. Hear what past attendees, speakers, and exhibitors have to say about their QUESTs, then plan your own!

What are attendees and speakers saying about QUEST?

“I was really impressed with the organization of the conference. The support staff is incredibly friendly and the conference is perfectly organized…I just wish I had more time to attend all the different sessions that are offered to attendees of this event that are real career building and enhancing opportunities. I hope to be at QUEST next year in Chicago.” “I’ve met a lot of people here. It’s been very interesting. Great questions, great feedback, lots of interesting stories being passed around. It’s been a really good time!”
“This is my second year attending…It affords me the opportunity to network with people in the testing industry, learn about best practices and industry standards. It helps me to share this information with my organization to help us be more efficient and utilize some of the best practices and standards that the market is using today.” “Great event, great networking, lots of interaction with cool people. It was a wonderful event!”
“I come..because I meet interesting and new people, new ideas, and I always learn something that helps me in my job!” “As a consultant, the leading technology and new trends are the kind of information that I need in order to provide state-of-the-art consulting to my clients…As a trainer and instructor, I present regularly at the conference and it offers an opportunity to have a two-fold dialogue – to present ideas and trends that I am using in day-to-day work. And it allows those individuals that are attending my sessions to see a practical implementation and be able to take something back to their organizations.”

What are exhibitors and sponsors saying about QUEST?

“I’m happy to say we’ve been a QAI exhibitor for 7 of the past 8 years and every single time we have exhibited we have realized an ROI within two months of exhibiting because of the great contacts developed at QAI QUEST. We’ll definitely be exhibiting again next year.” “It’s a fantastic event. I met a lot of great people. It’s great to see people innovating around technology to solve real world problems.”