Despite the number of commercial and open source tools available today for requirements management, test management, test automation and defect management, spreadsheets are still the most frequently used “tool” in documenting requirements, test cases and defects. Testing organizations may want to use tools to improve productivity and collaboration, but often lack the time, budget, skills, standards, and processes to effectively implement or expand their usage of testing tools. Tools can easily become abandoned or replaced by another tool having greater promise.

QUEST is on a mission to foster the exchange of success stories in implementing and using testing tools, regardless of the specific tool. Come join QUEST’s Testing Tools Information Exchange and hear about innovative and value-added approaches to implementing and using testing tools.

Immediately following the panel, join the panelists in roundtable discussions for a more deep dive into the tool of most interest to you.

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Joyce has QA knowledge spanning over 20 years with experience in all aspects of software development, including SDLC, Agile, Automated Testing, Project Management, Business Analysis, System Design, Start-Ups, Test Execution, Test Strategy, Test Planning, Integration Testing, Test Lab start up and maintenance, Virtualized Lab setup and maintenance. She has worked as a QA/Release Manager, QA Manager, Sr. QA Analyst, QA Analyst and QA Lead. Her current position has her improving quality for CFG products using Agile methodologies and automated testing tools. Joyce received her CSTE in 2012, and received her CMST as well as her CSM in 2014.

Michael Cooper is the Chief Quality Officer and VP of Enterprise QA and Testing for W3 companies, Healthcare IT Leaders and Run Consulting. Michael brings 16+ years of QA and Testing leadership experience. Prior to joining W3, Michael was the World Wide QA and Testing Evangelist with HP Software. Before joining HP, Michael was Head of Enterprise Quality Management at T-Mobile USA. Michael held Senior QA and Testing leadership positions at FICO, Inovis and Equifax. Michael previously served as the President of AQAA; and actively participates in the QA community blogging, mentoring, coaching, and speaking at conferences around the globe.

Mush Honda is QA Director at KMS Technology, a provider of IT services across the software development lifecycle. Mush joined KMS Technology in 2010 with a focus on Software Testing, Business Analysis, Test Automation, Data Analytics, Usability, Programming in C++, Java, Visual Basic, and PLSQL. He has performed testing and business analyst roles for several companies including Alere, Nexidia, Colibrium Partners, Connecture, Ernst & Young, Superior Insurance, and Systems Task Group. He is on the Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 Software Testing Atlanta Conference. Mush earned a BS degree in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University and diploma in Computer Engineering from Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Bombay University, India.

Nancy Kastl is an accomplished professional with over twenty-five years of experience as a consultant, director, facilitator, and instructor in software quality and testing. As an entrepreneur and consultant, she brings her expertise to management teams in strategic planning, measurement, quality management, software testing, process re-engineering, program management offices, and project management. As the director of SPR’s testing practice, she provides leadership for the On-shore Testing Studio in Chicago with a mission to retool and provide jobs for unemployed Americans, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Nancy is a former VP of Quality Assurance at Harris Bank and is the founder and President of the Chicago Quality Assurance Association. Nancy is a frequent conference speaker and is currently the QUEST conference chairperson. She has served on the Purdue University's IT Advisory Committee and the QAI Global Institute’s Certification Board.

Robert has been a teacher, a hardware technician, an IT director, a trainer, a programmer, and a business owner. He has worked with a variety of computer languages and matches the language and technology to the problem at hand rather than allowing the technology to dictate the solution. Robert’s background in education, technology and business has enabled him to communicate effectively with people in different roles and capitalize on each person’s goals. He received his B.S. from Mississippi State University in Secondary Mathematics Education.

Sameer Siddiqi is the Director of Quality Assurance within Financial and Risk Management Solutions at Fiserv. He is responsible for managing several QA teams across a variety of product lines and locations. Sameer has spent the majority of his career focused on Quality Assurance across several industries including banking, healthcare and energy. He specializes in Agile/Scrum, metrics and process improvement and has helped to transition several organizations from Waterfall to Agile. He has also implemented several automation frameworks from the ground up. Sameer has presented at AQAA and STAC.