In today’s Agile environment, teams are expected to do more, more quickly and with less resources.  The move to Agile is problematic for test teams as cuts around time and resources tend to hit the quality assurance group first and shortcuts taken by other groups can have major impacts on testing quality.  Amanda focuses on processes, approaches, and tools that can help testing teams ensure quality and mitigate risk while maintaining the fast pace that businesses expect to see in an Agile environment.  In particular, improving quality in an Agile environment, using automation, and ensuring the infrastructure does not stop progress are all crucial to success.  Join Amanda as she addresses these problems.


Amanda Adams has experience in quality assurance, development, product management and project management specializing in consulting on quality assurance best practices. Adams’ focus is consulting with enterprise-level clients to solve problems by using development-level skills to test software. This consulting includes architecting solutions around automation and performance testing and working with clients to affect process changes within their organizations. Currently Adams serves as VP, Rural Services for Xpanxion, a professional services software development organization and wholly-owned subsidiary of UST Global. In this role, Adams is responsible for ensuring the quality of Xpanxion’s delivery in the quality assurance and business intelligence spaces as well as managing Xpanxion’s rural centers from an organizational perspective.