Reusability and maintainability are two of the most important concepts to consider when building an automation test suite. This 90-minute interactive workshop covers the three components needed to design a test architecture that not only allows for multiple test types, but is also flexible, scalable, and easily maintained. We will discuss how using a custom automated test engine allows you to incorporate several tools and frameworks into one architecture allowing you to test multiple types of tests, such as UI, API, Database, Analytics, and more. We will also cover how to design data tables that will not only drive your test scripts, but allow for scalable yet separated parameterization that gives you full control over your test runs. Finally, we will discuss a data-driven approach to script writing that will minimize the number of scripts to be maintained, as well as how to design these scripts so that each one is reusable in other scripts. This allows for a more condensed, robust, and maintainable test suite.

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Design a custom automation test engine
  • Design a database that drives your test scripts
  • Design reusable and maintainable test scripts


Jacqueline Walton is an energetic and passionate IT Quality Assurance Lead. Jacqueline possesses a solid record of pioneering, building, managing, training, and mentoring high-performance functional and automation test teams. Although she has acquired excellent knowledge and working experience in all phases of the software development life-cycle, Jacqueline has found that her passion lies within QA ensuring successful product releases for large international corporations such as Gannett (USA Today, Deal Chicken, etc.), AT&T, Luxottica Retail, and more. She has also advised, designed, and implemented quality assurance automation frameworks for international organizations.