Past participants have found great value in the opportunity to leverage group skills and knowledge towards developing relevant solutions. As participants contribute their own specific challenges, best practices, and perspectives, each session of the Manager’s Workshop is uniquely tailored to the current issues.

“The Manager’s Workshop is a valuable way to share your lessons learned, current needs, concerns, and challenges. I highly recommend attending and look forward to returning next year.”

“The Workshop provided extremely good knowledge of other QA managers’ issues as well as solutions. The problem solving method provided will be incorporated into our daily process.”

“The Manager’s Workshop provided the ability to compare the processes we use to what other companies are using. Through the discussions, I was able to gain new ideas on enhancing what my team does today.”

“The Manager’s Workshop is an extremely valuable part of a software testing conference where you can address issues you are dealing with related to QA/QC and receive answers from experts from all over the world.”

“Well chose and well balanced selection of topics presented. A nice diverse group of attendees. Well worth the time. Thanks.”

“An awesome lineup of guest experts! Great venue!”

“Thanks you for your effort, planning and organizing the workshop. I appreciated the experts and the close interaction with everyone. I am taking away concrete information that I will use immediately.”

“Keeping the workshop to a hands-on solutions mining format allowed me take away useful information and practical approaches. Rotating the group members to get more varied ideas to work through common problems worked well. Great use of my time!”

“I love the excellent practical experience that I can actually implement! Very nice.”