Past Topics

An example of some of the challenges that have been addressed in past Manager’s Solutions Workshops include:

Agile Testing

How is testing on an Agile project different?
How do I help my testing team transition to Agile?
What is the role of a test manager and lead in Agile?
How can Agile be used with distributed teams?

Test Management

How do I estimate the testing effort?
How do I test under time constraints and resource limitations?
How do I effectively manage offshore and onshore testing teams?


What should I measure? What are the key metrics?
How do I measure the value of testing?
How do I capture baselines and analyze the metrics formulas?


How do I improve the clarity and completeness of requirements?
How can scope creep and changes to requirements be controlled?

Risk-Based Testing

How do I apply risk-based testing to projects?
How do I determine test coverage and prioritize test suites using risk-based testing?

Test Automation

What should be my test automation strategy and how do I get started?
How do I prove the value of test automation?
How do I select the right test automation tool?
What resources and skills do I need for test automation?

Process Improvement

How do I improve testing practices while lacked focused dedicated resources?
How do I achieve consistency across test teams?
How do I get buy-in and acceptance to change?