This one-day course provides a specific methodology for agile QA professionals to interact with the Scrum agile methodology. Using presentations, interactive discussions, and exercises, Bill will provide you with a framework for delivering solid testing and quality assurance services to the Scrum Team.

Course Objectives

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the roles, ceremonies, and artifacts of Scrum from a QA perspective
  • Provide valuable inputs to and gain important insights from backlog estimation
  • Create a sprint plan and participate in sprint commitment
  • Provide test and quality assurance services to the Scrum team during the sprint
  • Understand how to keep up with the pace of Scrum
  • Develop a process for handling testing that can’t be handled within a Sprint
  • Contribute to the sprint review and sprint retrospective from a QA perspective

Course Outline

  • A brief overview of Scrum from a QA perspective
  • Backlog estimation – ensuring stories are testable and evaluating the effort to test
  • Sprint planning and sprint commitment
    • Traditional QA activities
    • Non-traditional QA activities leveraging the entire team
  • Traditional and non-traditional QA roles in Scrum
  • QA skills required to work with Scrum
  • Speed and flexibility without sacrificing quality
  • Test automation
  • Release testing process and integration with Scrum
  • Acceptance criteria and successful retrospectives
  • Agile metrics and the retrospective – leveraging the data collection from QA to improve the team


Bill Rinko-Gay, Agile Integrity, LLC

Bill Rinko-Gay is the founder of Eliasson Group. Currently, Bill is working as a Transformation Agent and ScrumMaster for Macmillan Higher Education. Bill has been involved in Software Test and Quality Assurance since 1982 when he began testing command and control software for orbiting satellites for the US Air Force. Frustrated with the lack of structure in the testing program, Bill began working on a more comprehensive approach to software quality. Since leaving the DOD, Bill has worked on projects in defense, computer manufacturing, publishing, network security, financial, state and local governments. With experience in development teams ranging in size from three to sixty and beginning his fourth decade in the field, Bill is still improving techniques to allow teams to produce excellence. His most recent work is in Scrum and agile quality assurance, improving software quality in the 21st century. A regular speaker and trainer for QAI affiliate organizations, Bill currently holds PMP and Certified ScrumMaster certifications.