Angela Dugan, Polaris Solutions

Angela Dugan has been working on software development teams, filling a variety of roles including architect, developer, and tester since 1999. Angela also spent five of those years as an ALM evangelist for Microsoft, where she was able to work closely with hundreds of businesses across the US to improve their approach to ALM and software delivery. Always passionate about process and quality, she is now the ALM Practice Manager for Polaris Solutions and runs the Chicago Application Lifecycle Management user group. She holds a certification in Team Foundation Server (TFS) Administration and is a Certified Scrum master.

QUEST 2013 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Half-Day Tutorial: How to Be an Awesome Agile Team Member

Tuesday, April 16, 2013: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM | Room:

On an agile team, everyone is considered a software developer. Not everyone writes code, but everyone who contributes to the delivery of shippable product is called, and is indeed, a “software developer.” This workshop will walk you through some of the common activities that occur on agile teams to help you to foster an effective environment for delivering quality software quickly. You will experience the roles of various agile team members, participate in a daily stand-up, prioritize and groom a product backlog, and discuss the artifacts and deliverables often attributed to agile and Scrum processes. Join us for this interactive tutorial to learn even more about participating on an agile team and becoming an awesome agile software developer!

  • Discuss how agile practices materialize within real-world software development teams
  • Experience some of the activities necessary to being a member of an agile team
  • Understand the artifacts and deliverables of an agile team

Presentation: Agile Testing in a Waterfall World

Wednesday, April 17, 2013: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM | Room:

Everybody seems to be talking about agile these days, but most companies are still using a waterfall based methodology. Often, the team delivering the code uses a different process than the team responsible for software quality. In this presentation, Angela will discuss which agile tenets are worth incorporating into your daily testing activities in this situation and the impacts, both positive and negative, that you should expect. You will learn tips and tricks for introducing agile concepts into a waterfall environment slowly and successfully; methods that incorporate not just application lifecycle management tools, but a look at strategies for process improvement and in some cases good, old-fashioned psychology. Join Angela to find that low hanging fruit you can address quickly to become more agile, understand how to recognize and mitigate common pitfalls, and learn tools and techniques for managing an agile-under-waterfall testing effort.