Once a company decides to go forth and be mobile, where do they begin? This session will highlight the new lifecycle of mobile apps from conception thru launch, providing attendees with an ongoing approach to meet the needs of all constituents, and deploy successful apps that create value and sustain brand loyalty. Session attendees will go through the new lifecycle beginning with market research and mobile metrics that reduce hype, lead to development, ensure quality through testing, and finally, launch the app into the marketplace. Throughout his presentation, Matt will reference free tools, solutions, best practices, and real-world case study examples. You will learn the current state of app development and the inherent challenges that present themselves. You will also receive a full breakdown of the new mobile app development lifecycle complete with suggestions and tips for real-world apps in all stages of the lifecycle.


Peter Shih, uTest

Peter Shih manages uTest’s vast community of moer than 60,000 professional testers in 190 countries. He has spoken and presented on such topics as SoLoMo, In-the-Wild Testing and Mobile Usability at many conferences including Quest, CTIA’s MobileCon and MoDev’s April, 2012 conference. Peter’s professional background is in software product management and engineering, where he has worked closely with QA teams and performed the fun task of testing during the critical release phases Peter holds an MBA from Boston University’s School of Management and a bachelor’s of science in engineering from Tufts University.