Organizations today tend to jump into outsourcing the testing function with expectations of significant cost savings, reduced cycle times, and higher quality. In this presentation, Richard will assist in preparing you to address these expectations by providing outsourcing observations and recommendations from both the client and outsourcing partner perspectives. This session will provide lessons learned and help you to avoid, or at least be better prepared for, the testing outsourcing challenges. Richard will begin with things to consider and do before you begin the RFP process. Once your organization has committed to proceeding, what are some things to prepare for during the RFP process? Then, finally, what happens after you have signed the contract? This final section will take you from the transition to steady state and then, into continuous improvement. The goal of any sourcing engagement is for both parties to have a mutually beneficial and long lasting arrangement. This presentation will improve your odds of making this happen.


Richard Lay, Infosys

Richard is an information technology leader with senior-level expertise in quality assurance, testing, software process improvement, vendor management, application development, package implementation and architecture in highly matrixed and collaborative environments. Vision and leadership have led him to consistent successes in using the IT role to align with business partners and foster future growth. Richard is known for his ability to consistently deliver high risk, high visibility projects on time and under budget with a high level of quality.