The testing tools marketplace is flooded with products that address very specific parts of the quality management lifecycle. Many of these tools have been around, in one form or another, for the best part of 20 years. As a result, they are inflexible and, quite frankly, do not apply to today’s way of working. Others are more recent innovations, typically open-source and, on the surface, shiny and new. However, once we get past the shiny wrapper, they tend emulate their significantly older relatives. As such, the currently available support infrastructure tends not to deliver benefits, only overhead. In this session you will explore how the current tool sets limit our agility in an ever-changing environment. Tim will introduce some alternative approaches that could allow flexibility in our way of working and, most importantly, our way of thinking. Join Tim to discover what you should be demanding from the tools industry and why.


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Tim Bower is a Solutions Architect for Original Software, Inc. With a career spanning 27 years in the Information Technology industry, Tim served in the British Royal Air Force and then began his IT career as a junior developer in a software house. Following this, his career has been immersed in work as a developer, tester, and business systems analyst. More recently, Tim’s passion has been with software quality and the testing industry as a whole, bringing Original Software’s products to market in the role of Solutions Architect. Tim is a respected industry specialist speaking at technical and business seminars, and presenting at a variety of industry events.