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Manager's Solutions Workshop - SOLD OUT

This 2-day Manager's Solutions Workshop will be held September 22 and 23, as an exclusive event for managers during QUEST Toronto 2008.

The Manager's Solutions Workshop focuses on the top challenges facing managers in building, testing, and delivering quality software applications and products in today's fast-paced and demanding environment. This intense and interactive workshop provides a unique opportunity for managers to learn from the QAI professional staff and industry leaders and to discuss issues with their peers from other companies to leverage group skills and knowledge in developing pragmatic solutions. Each attendee will have the opportunity to have their specific challenges and concerns addressed during the workshop. An example of some of the challenges that have been addressed in past Manager's Solutions Workshops include:

  • Measuring the value of software quality and testing
  • Getting the most out of test automation
  • Using time efficiently to improve the software testing process
  • Getting QA involved early in the software development
  • Shrinking testing cycle time
  • Developing and testing with poorly documented requirements

Why Attend

QAI studies show that if an IT organization forms an internal committee to develop a solution to a current challenge, the cost to the organization can range from $10,000 to $50,000. In addition to the cost of time for internal resources, there are lost opportunity savings and other benefit deficiencies from the delay in implementing a solution. By attending the Manager's Solutions Workshop you will:

  • Get solutions to your specific work challenges
  • Focus on strategic and future oriented issues
  • Connect with peers who can be contacted in the future to discuss work challenges
  • Have the opportunity for one-on-one discussions with peers and leading experts  

Worskhop Format

The input to this workshop is the software quality challenges that the workshop's participants are facing, plus the input received from the companies and organizations affiliated with QAI. Prior to the Manager's Solutions Workshop, participants submit a list of their current challenges to QAI. QAI's professional staff consolidates these challenges into a list of potential topics, which are ranked in order of importance by the workshop participants at the beginning of the workshop.

Using QAI's 'six-cubed' approach, each top priority challenge is framed for the workshop participants, who break into small work groups to discuss the challenge and then develop strategies and solutions based on their collective knowledge. Each group presents their proposed solution which is critiqued by the workshop's experts. The workshop experts also present their recommended solutions to the challenges.  Additional time is spent as needed to assure the workshop participants understand how the solution works by putting the workshop's experts on the 'hot seat' in a Q&A forum. Lastly, through QAI's action planning process, participants apply the solutions to their own situations, thus leaving the workshop with a series of fully-developed solutions to their quality challenges.

Connections Dinner

In addition to the two-days interactive workshop, participants will also have the opportunity to attend the Manager's Connection Dinner. This evening will provide the workshop attendees a chance to discuss the topics and related quality issues with the QAI faculty and subject matter experts in a more relaxed setting, and provides an ideal opportunity for networking with peers and exchanging ideas.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for managers responsible for the building, testing, and delivering quality software applications within their companies or software products for the marketplace.

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • IT/IS Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Testing Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Development Managers

Don't miss this great opportunity to be part of a select group of managers and industry experts who will aggressively tackle today's most pressing quality issues! Make the Manager's Solutions Workshop part of your QUEST experience. To register, go to REGISTER NOW.

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