Quality plays a significant role in business success, but is often an area that is difficult to sell.  Many business leaders have interesting, false, or incomplete perceptions and knowledge regarding quality and the costs associated with it.  Quality managers have been told that to get the “ear” of senior management they need to present information using terminology that senior management relates to such as “bottom line”  “strategic impact” etc. Since marketing has a significant presence in business today, a question can be posed, “Are there marketing models and approaches that could help quality managers sell quality more effectively?”

Using the marketing techniques of Strategic Alignment, Identifying Influence, Pain Sheet, and Value Proposition, Clyneice provides approaches and examples that will sell quality to senior management.

Join this session to get Quality Sold.


Clyneice Chaney brings over 20 years of testing, quality assurance and process improvement experience. Clyneice holds certifications from American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Manager, Quality Assurance Institute’s Certified Quality Analyst, and Project Management Institute’s Professional Project Manager. She has participated as an examiner for state quality awards for Georgia and Virginia. Focusing on process improvement and procedure development in the software testing and quality assurance areas, Clyneice has successfully lead process improvement, methodology development, and reengineering projects for organizations wishing to improve their software development, testing processes, and tool implementation. Clyneice has presented technical papers at the Software Engineering Institute: SEPG Conference, American Society for Quality: Quality Manager’s conference, Quality Assurance Institute International Testing Conference, International Conference on Software Process Improvement and Software Test and Performance Testing Conferences.