Think these things are independent?  Think again!  They are intertwined and are all dependent upon one another.  In this keynote address Tim will discuss the architecture for Internet of Things (IoT)-related solutions, including devices, gateways, cloud-infrastructure, and user interface elements.  Also, he will describe the Information flow across the architecture, including considerations for device manufacturers, users, and interested third party data consumers.  Along the way, Tim will delve into the challenges and opportunities to consider for testing in this ultra-connected world.  Lessons learned from mobile device application development and testing can be applied to the Internet of Things.  And since this is a far larger space, there are some special considerations to keep in mind as well!

  • IoT, Cloud, and DevOps are inter-related trends and technologies.
  • Success with mobile application development and testing can be applied to the IoT space.
  • Agile, DevOps, and quick iterations will change how testing is accomplished for IoT-based solutions.


Tim Hahn is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and has been with IBM since 1990. He is the Chief Architect for Connected Vehicle and Internet of Things within the IBM Software Group Rational organization. He is responsible for strategy, architecture, and design for Rational's Internet of Things related offerings. These offerings, coupled with others from across IBM Software Group, enable customers to design, build, experiment, run, manage, and operate solutions involving diverse sensor data coming from connected devices. These solutions leverage IBM's strengths in cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and security.