The technology landscape for many companies is ever-changing with the increase in usage of web, mobile, and Service/APIs with the same services being used on multiple platforms. By combining Services/API and UI into a single testing scenario, the QA team can gain testing efficiency, pinpoint defects, and find the root causes of failures.

David identifies what automation is for Services/API and User Interfaces, the benefits of combining User Interface and Services/API automation, tool compatibility, and the necessary processes.

Join David to learn how to maximize your Services/API and UI related testing and minimize the chances of a single defect bringing down all your supported platforms.  Determine where efficiencies can be gained in your own testing by applying automation to test multiple technology stacks within a single test.  Use the discussed processes to control your testing and reduce the effort and cost.

David Dang has over 20 years of experience in general IT, with the last 17 focused on test automation and QA/test process improvement. He has extensive capabilities in test automation, management, planning, analysis, execution, and metrics. David has proven ability to assess, design, and implement test automation frameworks. He has worked with over 100 companies to assist and drive their test automation and QA projects. David is a HP Certified Instructor (CI) for QuickTest Professional, WinRunner, and QualityCenter and has experience in a wide variety of automation tools including open source. He is a featured speaker on test automation and related topics at local and national QA and Testing conferences including Quality Assurance Institute (QAI), StarEast, STP Con, PSQT, and TISQA. David received his BS in Management Information Systems and BA in Psychology from the University of Buffalo.