There is a heated debate about the relevance of a QA team in this brave new software world of Agile development. Some say that a QA team is no longer needed because Agile calls for heavy automation. Others say that QA is needed more than ever given the fast pace of shipping software.

Not only is a QA team still very relevant in this new Agile world, but there are innovative ways that the QA team can really contribute to raising the quality bar in today’s fast paced world.

Learn how to hire and build a QA team that will be respected and counted on by the development team regardless of whether it is for an IID or Agile software development process. Find out where a QA team fits in a Testing Pyramid that involves both QA and Development.



Giancarlo has built and managed QA teams working in IID and Agile development. He has been involved in testing complex backend systems, API’s, and software that was deployed on millions of end user’s computers/mobile devices. Currently, Giancarlo is building and managing a team of 50 QA people at Yellow Pages Canada.

Maurizio has built and managed QA teams working in incremental and iterative and agile development. He also has extensive experience implementing the right process in places where no process exists, or where the existing process is just not working for the team. Maurizio has a sixth sense for QA and process, and is currently building and managing a team of over 100 QA people at Yellow Pages Canada.