Test teams have traditionally used document templates to communicate the test strategy and coverage for releases. However, these documents are rarely reviewed by project team members other than testers. Using the technique of mind maps, test teams can effectively initiate discussions with the business and development team members to establish testing priority and coverage and to ensure that all project team members understand and are involved in the testing strategy. In this presentation, Mush discusses how mind maps can be leveraged to visually document key business workflows and features for test coverage, reinforce domain expertise and business concepts with distributed teams, establish test prioritization and coverage per sprint/release, and report testing progress.


Mush Honda is QA Director at KMS Technology, a provider of IT services across the software development lifecycle. Mush joined KMS Technology in 2010 with a focus on Software Testing, Business Analysis, Test Automation, Data Analytics, Usability, Programming in C++, Java, Visual Basic, and PLSQL. He has performed testing and business analyst roles for several companies including Alere, Nexidia, Colibrium Partners, Connecture, Ernst & Young, Superior Insurance, and Systems Task Group. He is on the Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 Software Testing Atlanta Conference. Mush earned a BS degree in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University and diploma in Computer Engineering from Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Bombay University, India.