As IT organizations grow and increase in complexity, so do the challenges facing testers.  IT senior leadership is increasingly scrutinizing budgets, forcing speed-to-market agendas, and measuring the value of testers and quality organizations. This changing landscape is requiring greater analysis be made on identifying failure points, inefficiencies, and behavioral changes required to streamline the test organization.  But where should one focus? Through his years of test consulting experience, James has analyzed and helped hundreds of organizations around the world identify and fix enterprise testing issues impacting success.  Join James as he unlocks the mysteries of the test organization and exposes the real truths of the sources of failure, and more importantly, how to address and fix them.  He will arm you with, not only the sources, but the quantifiable proof of how these sources are impacting the results of both the test team and the broader quality agenda of the IT organization.  James will introduce you to his own assessment tool to help you proactively pinpoint possible issues.

  • Identify top sources of failure points and ineffectiveness that occur within the enterprise
  • Understand how these failure points can be identified, evaluated, and assessed as to their impact on testing, quality, and the broader IT organization
  • Develop a remediation plan and measurement framework to analyze and evaluate success.


James Campbell, Tulkita Technologies, Inc.

James Campbell is President and CEO of Tulkita Technologies Inc., a management consulting firm specialized in helping organizations achieve excellence in IT optimization and quality. Prior to co-founding Tulkita, James held IT Senior Leadership positions at Accenture Inc. and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board where he was responsible for leading a 15,000 person global Test Practice and overseeing IT strategy and sourcing, respectively. Through his over 15 years of hands-on experience in IT management consulting, James has had the privilege of working with over 220 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, where he learned first-hand the common sources of inefficiencies that exist within the IT organization and how to fix them. His tenure in IT and quality senior leadership positions has allowed James to design and build practical solutions that are specifically focused on improving the effectiveness of your organization’s quality, yielding both ‘quick hits’ as well as long-term success.