Testers are known for their critical and creative thinking. Stakeholders rely on a tester’s ability to rapidly assess the context of the project and to then gather timely, valuable information about the product’s quality. Does your current testing approach enable or stifle the thinking process? Mind Mapping is a powerful idea generation tool that can be used for everything from test plans, strategies, test cases, and even to testing status reports! Switching from traditional test documentation to mind maps can be a powerful transformation that significantly increases the value of your testing efforts.

  • Understand the effectively infinite space of test coverage and the pitfalls in the common approaches to test coverage
  • Learn about mind maps and the creative thinking process
  • Share approaches to implementing mind maps and important considerations for measuring test progress and quality.


Lynn McKee, Quality Perspectives

Lynn McKee is an independent consultant with 19 years of experience in the software industry and a passion for helping organizations, teams, and individuals deliver valuable software. Lynn is an advocate of the software quality management practices espoused by Jerry Weinberg and provides consulting on software management, leadership and, testing. Lynn is active within the software testing community by speaking at conferences, writing articles, contributing to blogs and forums. She is also a co-founder of the Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing Workshop.