Stefan Mohacsi, Atos

Stefan Mohacsi studied computer science at the Technical University of Vienna. In 1997, he joined Siemens and became project manager of the research project IDATG (Integrating Design and Automated Test Case Generation). Over the years, the first simple prototype developed into a powerful tool, TEMPPO Designer, that has been continuously improved to the present day. Since 2004, TEMPPO has been used successfully as a core part of the test automation framework of the European Space Agency. Today, Stefan is head of the Competence Center for Model-based Testing at Atos. He contributed a chapter to Dorothy Graham’s bestselling book Experiences of Test Automation and has given numerous lectures at international test conferences. In addition, Stefan is member of the Austrian Testing Board’s executive committee.

QUEST 2014 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Presentation: Model-based Testing: The Key to Efficient Test Automation

Wednesday, April 9: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Why do so many companies cancel their test automation projects? It turns out that the continuous maintenance of the test automation scripts can be a nightmare! Instead of saving money and effort, test automation often results in chaos. Model-based testing (MBT) can resolve this issue. In MBT test cases are based on a simple model of the application. The advantage is obvious; instead of having to write test scripts from scratch and manually adapt them in each test cycle, all that is necessary is to keep the model up-to-date. The costs for test maintenance are reduced dramatically thus leading to shorter test cycles and better product quality. In his presentation, Stefan will show how MBT has been successfully applied at the European Space Agency. In this context, he will introduce the MBT tool TEMPPO Designer that can generate complete, executable test scripts in various formats including HP QuickTest Professional. Stefan will also highlight the recommended process for MBT and give practical hints for its efficient application.