As VP of Community Management at uTest, Peter Shih is responsible for recruiting, training and managing uTest’s global community of professional software testers. He is also tasked with scaling the community in terms of size and skill sets to continue to meet the evolving needs of uTest’s growing customer base. Prior to joining uTest in 2009, Peter held marketing positions at Bose and The MathWorks, where his responsibilities included product development (both hardware & software), product lifecycle management, research & analysis, community development and more. Peter earned an MBA in marketing from Boston University and a BS in electrical engineering from Tufts University.

QUEST 2014 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Presentation: Context is King: Localization Testing and Launching Apps that Win Around the World

Friday, April 11: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

In today’s global economy, your app’s footprint is growing faster than ever. While that’s great news, you now have a new challenge of making sure your app works as intended when it launches in new markets. The apps that succeed are the ones that understand the context in which they are used. Understanding localization demonstrates to your users that you understand them, and that can keep them coming back. In this talk, uTest’s Peter Shih will demonstrate the importance of excellent localization testing beyond simple language translation, reveal the pros and cons of current localization options, and provide actionable information that can help you ensure your app is delighting the people who use it, no matter where they are in the world.