Michael Yudanin, Conflair

Michael Yudanin is the CEO of Conflair, a QA and testing company. He has been working on automating tests for mobile devices since before mobile apps and smartphones became commonplace. Michael developed RealMobileTM, a unique approach to using common automation tools to automate testing of mobile apps and websites. Among the large enterprises that have benefited from this approach to mobile testing are Home Depot, Bank of America, The Weather Channel, and Spirit Airlines. Michael is a frequent speaker at testing conferences and regularly delivers classes on test planning, requirements management, test automation, XML, web services testing, and other subjects.

QUEST 2014 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Half-Day Tutorial: Mobile Testing: Manual and Automated

Tuesday, April 8: 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

The tutorial is designed to provide software quality assurance and testing professionals with the background and tools necessary to organize manual and automated testing efforts for mobile applications. Michael will survey the state of mobile technology and the software quality challenges the mobile market poses.  He will then focus on translating these challenges into a mobile testing strategy that will offer ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile testing in its functional, performance, usability and other aspects. Michael will also offer a focused look at the automation of mobile testing: the need, the options, the tools, and the criteria for selecting an approach that would best fit your needs. The tutorial will end with a live demonstration of a mobile test automation approach.

  • Explore how to plan tests for mobile applications and websites based on the factors unique to the mobile market: distribution of platforms, technological challenges, etc.
  • Learn how to plan non-functional tests for mobile devices: performance, usability, survivability and recovery, and other tests.
  • Understand how to automate mobile application testing, the criteria for choosing a mobile automation approach, and the main types of tools, their advantages and disadvantages