Ivan Kreslin, Mitchell International

Ivan Kreslin is a Principal Software Development Engineer at Mitchell International, North America’s leading provider of property and casualty claims technology solutions for insurance providers and collision repair shops. Ivan leads the test automation development efforts within the Auto Casualty Solutions Division, creating tools and architecting and integrating those tools into automation frameworks and libraries shared among the different feature teams. Ivan brings more than 22 years of software industry experience, most focused on quality and automation. Previously, Ivan worked as a software development engineer in test and as a QA lead at Microsoft, chiefly on the user interface team within the Windows Division.

QUEST 2014 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Presentation: Automated Validation of Printing and Documents

Wednesday, April 9: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Most applications have features to enable printing or saving of documents to files. The task of validating that the documents meet layout requirements and contain expected data is a tedious and time consuming manual task that is prone to human error. For these reasons, testing of printed reports and documents is often neglected until customers report issues with them. Automated validation has typically been challenging due to resolution issues and the dynamic nature of reports. A solution has been developed, however, to address these challenges by breaking down the verifications into two parts. First, using bitmap comparisons to validate sections of the printout or document that are not supposed to change against a known baseline and second, using OCR technology to validate sections of the document or printout that change with the data. These components are integrated into an automation framework allowing for a comprehensive process. Join Ivan and bring this helpful solution to your organization.