Carolyn Swadron, CIBC

Carolyn Swadron is Senior Manager, Quality Assurance & Quality Control for the Internet & Mobile Project Delivery group at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. There, she leads a team of professionals who certify online and mobile banking applications and updates on a wide variety of devices. Carolyn holds a certification from the Canadian Information Processing Society, is an Information Systems Professional, an Information Technology Certified Professional and an International Professional Practice Partnership Professional. She has an Honours BSc. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Toronto. Carolyn is an active member of CIBC’s QA Council and Discipline Leaders Council and has a strong commitment to continuing education and training. Her experience includes people change management, quality assurance, process reengineering, project management, development support, methodologies and standards, CMM, application development, and teaching ecommerce at the college level.

QUEST 2014 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Half-Day Tutorial: Producing Effective Testing Estimates

Tuesday, April 8: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Our managers and project managers want to know how long project quality control will take and how many people are needed to accomplish the task.  Many of us struggle with producing realistic estimates.  Our estimates often omit key information and assumptions that would enable us to explain why, when circumstances change, our estimates must also change.  After we provide our estimates, we repeatedly receive requests to justify and reduce them.  Sometimes, we are simply told how much time and what resources we have for testing and we are required to meet those parameters.  This presents a challenge, especially when our experience indicates that testing will require more than we are given and project issues result in further reductions.  Do we just accept imposed numbers and hope for the best, or do we clearly show the impacts and increased risks of reductions so that we can agree on what we will and will not deliver during testing?  This tutorial will answer all these questions and give you the tools for developing credible estimates and justifying changes that may be needed to these estimates over the life of the project.  This tutorial is for all quality assurance and quality control professionals who are responsible for producing project estimates and defining estimating processes.

  • Learn how to identify the components of an accurate estimate
  • Understand how to structure an estimate to be clear and defensible
  • Practice calculating and documenting estimate assumptions and values for a specific project

Presentation: Estimating Your Way to Success

Wednesday, April 9: 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

To ensure that estimated effort and time to prepare for and execute testing are realistic, we need to support our estimates with facts, assumptions, an accurate understanding of necessary activities and constraints, historical experience, options and related risks. This enables us to understand the scope and amount of testing to be performed to deliver expected results within tolerable risks. In her presentation, Carolyn will describe an effective approach for developing realistic accurate estimates based on project type, size, scope, complexity, process, and experience on similar projects. She will cover identifying and capturing appropriate metrics during projects, and how to use these to support reaching agreement with project managers and stakeholders on the time and resources needed to do effective testing on future projects. Carolyn will also illustrate an estimating tool to help you capture estimates, track project changes that affect estimates, compare the accuracy of estimates with actual results, and adjust future estimates based on history.