Anaf Durrani, Orbitz Worldwide

Anaf Durrani is an innovative, results driven leader with 14 years of progressive experience spearheading projects within diverse organizational environments. These projects include leading cultural change and strategic initiatives around global project and program management, strategic outsourcing, vendor management, software engineering, product design, development, and quality engineering. Within his projects, Anaf focuses on enhancing customer experience, increasing productivity, quality, and cycle time. His industry experience includes online retail travel, eCommerce, and telecommunications. He is currently leading product development teams in the hotel promotion and coupon domains and, in the past, has led a 120 person strong quality engineering organization.

QUEST 2014 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Presentation: Changing an Organization’s Culture toward Quality

Thursday, April 10: 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

Quality does not start or stop with testing. It begins with the design of the code through production. This is the cultural change many companies would like to make. Going from testers testing to everyone testing, from manual testing to automation, from commercial tools to open source, from four week release cycles to releasing every day, these are some of the major changes that Anaf has successfully implemented. Join Anaf as he walks you through a change in mentality that will help you to enable your organization to inculcate quality into every step. Anaf will explain how to make things easier, using the right tools for the right job. You will discuss how to hold vendors accountable creating a true partnership. Learn how to fail fast, recover quickly, and to be perfectly transparent using data as your guide.