The state of the art in testing is continuing to evolve with the advent of smart phones, tablets, Agile, mobile and Cloud Computing. There are many industry standards, such as IEEE 829, IEEE 1008, IEEE 1028, BS 7925-1 and BS 7925-1 that contain gaps in definitions, policy, test management and processes as well as poor coverage of non-functional testing. ISO 29119 is a new international standard that defines all levels and phases of testing, defines test processes, test strategy, provides formats for test plans and test cases, test metrics, test techniques and ways to perform risk based testing.

  • Obtain an overview of the five part ISO 29119 standard
  • Gain insight on how to apply the standard with your current testing requirements
  • Learn how to document test processes and test cases

Keynote Speaker:

Susan Burgess, Burgess Consulting

Susan Burgess, CSPM, CSPE, CSTE, CQSPE, CSA, CSQA, CSEST, CMSQ, CQE, CMST,CSBA, CSSLP is the President of Burgess Consulting. She is internationally recognized as an expert in software and systems engineering practices, metrics, testing, risk, program management, auditing, process improvement, assessments, and quality assurance. Ms. Burgess is accredited as a Technical Expert by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and serves as the US Head of Delegation for the new standard ISO 29119 on Software Testing at international meetings. Ms. Burgess also serves on the standards committee for IEEE 1012:2012 – Standard for System and Software Verification and Validation and received QAI’s Lifetime Achievement Award for overall contributions to the Information Technology profession in May 2005.