It seems everyone has tried some form of agile by now. Most struggle at first, many for years, to behave truly agile. Challenges vary across different industry verticals – public, highly secure and audited financial services companies have notably different challenges than those in gaming, mobile apps or system integrators. Challenges also vary depending on which flavor of agile an organization is implementing. And now we have SAFe. Does this simplify, or create a whole new set of challenges?

At Vantiv, we have implemented agile and recently developed our own version of an SDLC based on SAFe. We have transformed our way of thinking, and seen results – however not without our own challenges. In this session, Pete will share Vantiv’s approach, journey, challenges and results. Join us for perspectives from a public, payment processing IT organization within one of Forbes Top 25 fastest growing technology companies.

Keynote Speaker:

Pete DuPre, Vantiv

Pete has 30 years of experience in technology & software industries. He is a well know expert in software engineering and methods across generations of delivery methodologies. Currently a member of Vantiv’s CIO Leadership Team, Pete’s focus is on implementing next generation technology delivery methods. Prior to Vantiv, he was with Borland / Micro Focus as Chief Solution Architect.