If a website or mobile app is not accessible to all potential visitors, what is its quality? Services, products, information, and entertainment on the web can all be made available to millions of consumers with vision loss, hearing loss, motor control loss, or even information processing challenges by complying with web accessibility standards. Assistive technologies enable access by converting web pages’ or mobile screens’ text and images into computerized voice. But, these technologies cannot interpret websites or mobile apps that are not built and tested for compliance to Section 508 Web Accessibility Standards. Join Nancy to learn about the Section 508 standards and how to test for web accessibility using screen readers and open source tools. Experience screen reader technology on both an accessible and non-accessible site and the impact on usability. Learn how your QA team can be advocates of accessible websites and mobile apps throughout the project life cycle and add accessibility testing to your testing capabilities.


Nancy Kastl, SPR Companies/TAP Group

Nancy Kastl is an accomplished professional with over twenty-five years of experience as a consultant, director, facilitator, and instructor in software quality and testing. As an entrepreneur and consultant, she brings her expertise to management teams in strategic planning, measurement, quality management, software testing, process re-engineering, program management offices, and project management. As the director of the TAP Group’s quality practice, she provides leadership for the On-shore Testing Studio in Chicago with a mission to retool and provide jobs for unemployed Americans, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Nancy is a former VP of Quality Assurance at Harris Bank and is the founder and President of the Chicago Quality Assurance Association. Nancy is a frequent conference speaker and is currently the QUEST conference chairperson. She has served on the Purdue University's IT Advisory Committee and the QAI Global Institute’s Certification Board.