Test Data Management (TDM) is a significant proportion of overall test effort. In recent years, the need for reliable, accurate, and complete test data has increased due to the increased complexity of systems and their underlying technical landscape. This includes the proliferation of web services and other interfaces with loosely coupled systems. Reduced cycle times for testing driven by agile approaches and business demand for change have only added to the problem. For many software systems having the right test data is critical to obtaining sufficient test coverage. In this presentation, Bernd and Paul will review some of the key challenges of TDM, outline a standard and holistic approach, discuss the role of a test data architect, and review some of the industry tools available to support the process.

Speakers: ;

Bernd Haber, AccenturePaul Downes, Accenture

Bernd Haber is an executive member of Accenture Application Testing Services, the firm’s Global Testing Practice and Testing Community of Practice. Bernd specializes in the field of test strategy development, test operation transformation, process performance and quality assurance, as well as test metrics and measurements. Bernd assists clients in conducting testing assessments providing total quality assurance feedback for best practices. He also supports implementing and running testing organizations, such as TCoE mobilization with corresponding business process development and execution. Bernd has been with Accenture for more than 20 years and holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Paul Downes is a principal in Accenture’s Testing practice. He is the Global Test Tools and Automation Lead, one of the asset owners for the Accenture Delivery Methods for Testing, and the Delivery Lead for Accenture’s Testing-as-a-Service capability. Paul works with Accenture’s clients to establish effective testing organizations and testing practices, as well as implement the right tools to support them. He conducts testing assessments for clients, and helps them define transformation strategies to improve their testing operations and delivery capabilities. Paul has been with Accenture for 8 years. Prior to that, he held management positions in software testing and quality assurance for Bay Area financial services and healthcare companies.