When it’s critical to deliver a well-performing application on-time, the first time, the traditional process of load testing the release-candidate is simply too little, too late. The sooner we start measuring and tuning performance, the lower the risk of experiencing unpleasant and costly surprises shortly before or after going live. We know it is between unreasonable and impossible to conduct traditional load testing before the application is at least functionally viable. Scott shares his T4APM™ lifecycle monitoring and trending framework designed to both dramatically reduce the risk of late-stage performance surprises and to streamline late-lifecycle load testing. This framework has been shown to integrate seamlessly into a variety of processes with or without specialized tools or customization. Better still, begin implementing the framework in a few minutes and maintain it with even fewer minutes of ongoing effort. If delivering well performing applications, faster, cheaper, easier and more reliably matters to your organization, then this talk is for you.


Scott Barber

Scott Barber is a well-respected leader in the advancement of software testing practices, industry activist and load testing celebrity of sorts. He is best known as an energetic and entertaining speaker as well as a prolific author of several books including Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications, Beautiful Testing, How to Reduce the Cost of Testing, and Web Load Testing for Dummies. He also authors the blog, Peak Performance. Scott founded and serves as President of PerfTestPlus, a small company specializing in consulting, training, and mentoring aiming to bring software testing expertise to organizations pushing their testing beyond "state-of-the-practice" to "state-of-the-art.” Scott is also Chief Evangelist – Performance Products for SmartBear Software.