If you are currently using one of the open source tools such as Selenium, FitNesse, Cucumber, or Watir or you are interested in learning more about these tools, come join the Open Source Tools Roundtable. This will be an open discussion forum, so be sure to bring your questions and your experiences to share. This session will be facilitated by a Testing Tools Exchange panelist and provides you the opportunity to learn more about his/her tool success story.


Alan Waldron

Alan Waldron has over 23 years experience in the field of Information Technology Quality Assurance and Process Engineering that spans numerous industries. He specializes in executing Lean Six Sigma and CMMI level process maturity assessments for numerous fortune 500 companies and architecting their advanced testing solutions such as extreme automation, risk-based testing, advanced logical modeling requirements and testing tool design. His prior experience includes serving as President of True Bearing Group Inc., a Principal Consultant & Technical Architect for UST Global, the Global Software Quality Assurance Manager for CNN, and Global Quality Assurance Manager at CSC.