The agile manifesto values individuals and interactions over processes and tools, but how do we build strong relationships within teams that are not collocated – is it even possible? Can a distributed agile team be successful, or is failure inevitable? In this presentation, Heidi and Michael will share their experience working as testers on a distributed agile team and explain how they made it successful. Regardless of project methodology, communication is the key, and it has never been more important than in the case of distributed teams. Not being able to casually stroll over to a colleague’s desk requires a different set of tactics though. Join Heidi and Michael for a walk-through of what they see as the key points in making a distributed agile team successful, covering everything from team building tips to communication tools. Learn to create trust and team spirit, adopt flexibility without losing structure and how to get the most out of some valuable communication tools.

Speakers: ;

Heidi Anderson, Professional Quality Assurance, Ltd.Michael Murphy, Professional Quality Assurance, Ltd.

Heidi Anderson’s innate curiosity and interest in technology has led her to pursue many diverse roles in the IT field over the years. She has had education and experience in software development, network administration and technical writing, to name a few, before discovering her love for software testing. She is a dedicated and engaged tester who brings passion – and compassion – to the teams she works with, helping them become successful by developing strong relationships and building team spirit. Heidi has spent the past five years working for Professional Quality Assurance (PQA), Ltd. out of their Fredericton, NB delivery center where she is currently the test lead on a distributed agile team.

Michael Murphy is an IT jack-of-all-trades who has worked in several challenging, fast-paced, and time-sensitive environments where his thoroughness and keen attention to detail were crucial to success. He has worked with large teams to develop their communications skills and coded websites for small businesses. It is as a software tester, though, that he feels most at home. His positive attitude and energy is an inspiration to everyone he works with and contributes to an atmosphere of trust and team spirit. After having explored software testing communities from the Canadian Maritimes to Sweden, Michael has joined PQA, Ltd. as a tester at their Vancouver, BC delivery center.