Leading testing means much more than getting a team to follow you. It means fostering teamwork that will enhance the effectiveness of your whole project team. It also means earning credibility for testing, so that managers and fellow team members understand testing’s value, and the importance of the information your testing uncovers.   You don’t have to be a manager to be a leader—but if you’re not also a leader, you can’t be a good manager. In this mini-workshop you will work with others to answer the questions:

  • What does it take to be a leader?
  • Where do exceptional test leaders focus their energies?
  • How can you get to be an exceptional test leader?


Fiona Charles, Quality Intelligence

Fiona Charles teaches IT practitioners project skills “beyond process,” hands-on practical skills essential to thrive and excel on any kind of software project. An expert test consultant and manager, she has been in the thick of it through more than 30 years of challenging projects across the business spectrum on both sides of the Atlantic. Throughout her career, Fiona has advocated, designed, implemented, and taught pragmatic and humane practices to deliver software worth having. Fiona’s articles and blog posts appear frequently. She conducts experiential workshops in public classes, at international conferences, and in-house for her clients.