Do you call yourself a context-driven tester?  Would you like to, but haven’t been able to implement context-driven testing at your organization?  Have you read about things like session-based exploratory testing, coverage mind maps, and low-tech dashboards but haven’t been able to make them work for you?  This workshop will highlight some of the key aspects of CDT, discuss the benefits, explain how to make it work for you, and how to sell it to your organization.  Real-world examples based on actual experience using CDT at multiple organizations of varying sizes will be presented.  In this workshop, Jason will share some tips and tricks for successfully taking a context-driven approach to testing at your organization.

  • Receive an overview of context-driven testing
  • Discuss the benefits of CDT for testers, test managers and project teams
  • Share a real world approach to implementing CDT in your organization


Jason Kowaluk, Shaw Communications

With 16 years of IT experience, Jason Kowaluk is a passionate advocate for software quality. Jason spent the first half of his career as a Developer and has spent the last half as a Tester, Test Lead and Test Manager. A strong proponent of agile and context-driven practices, he has worked with organizations ranging in size from 8-man startups to multi-national corporations, helping them achieve value with their software projects. Jason is focused on collaborating at all levels to improve software delivery, leading testing initiatives, coaching Testers, and spreading the word about the value of Testing. He can be found online at or on Twitter @jasonkowaluk.